The Chicago Tribune:
"Lemvo's passion for the roots of Afro-Cuba comes through in his singing. His voice is vibrant and melodious... he is one of the few artists in tropical music today who is moving the genre forward."

The Los Angeles Times:
"Lemvo and his band, Makina Loca, manage a blend of Cuban and Central African traditions that is seamless and organic - and infectious."

Folk Roots Magazine/ England:
"Ricardo Lemvo and Makina Loca's music is a celebration aimed squarely at the dance floor."

Liberation/ France:
"Une bouffee d'air frais a la salsa et le soukous."

The Boston Globe:
"One of the most potent musical marriages imaginable, the Cuban son with the African soukous."

Time Out New York:
"Whether they're kicking out Cuban jams or taking afro-pop to the bridge, Lemvo and company will make you sweat."